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GAHARU MICROBIOLOGY.. Frenzy There Is Direction.

These many years I published a blog post about aloes me, never deviate from the blog title. I spread the word and disclose information from a recent study of of hindsight, previous studies for the purpose of understanding the ever visiting my blog every month sandalwood. Of course there are discrepancies fully watchdog of my notes between myth and scientific, because I practice the technique of resin production technology combined with the natural formation technique practiced by indigenous peoples. Her aim, of not knowing what it was sandalwood, how the formation of agar wood starts and disclose knowledge or inoculation treatment techniques, one technique that can generate artificial formation to the branches.

If you feel that you are smart about aloes, you do not need to visit the blog I aloes, as notes that were issued specifically for fools like me, people who are looking to the science of resin production through artificial. I am very proud of myself, to share a little experience, still survive to this day, never complains, does not feel upset, no boredom, the trees on the farm is always growing, so that successfully obtained a formula, found materials to create their own liquid bacteria without any guidance from any party. Inoculation keep on doing it every month, the stock of liquid formation of the invention has exceeded the planned amount and the request of the owner of the tree to the adoption of my invention is a liquid bacteria growing. 

I do not want to feel proud of yourself, but this is the reality, the businessman history will not fail in the event of this nature are in themselves, they are disappointed by the failure, the desire they want the luxury of immediately, no effort to overcome failure and no lingering a little even in their hearts how to find a formula to create a fluid formation. One of the big mistakes, too credulous image lush brought in by the distributor of liquid formation, to convince again, accompanied by examples of resin production was said results from the liquid they are marketed and to further strengthen their claims preached aloes in produced through treatment successfully sold tens of thousands of kilograms. 

Where direction, approximately half-way we do business ..? I addressed this question to fellow businessmen like me, who are both involved, who are equally able to grant the plant agar wood become a millionaire. If you ever speak to say so, very early you had foundered, how did you ever convince new operators to plant thousands of sandalwood trees, and noticed how their fate will come ..?. If we together create a dream, we must come together to make it work, not to be easily separated our hands after the service is completed. 

There's half a businessman, only active duty for service for two to three years, the habit in its third year, the forum is not active, the blog has changed the face and get away from the original topic. It has become an example of failure, which speak by new operators, who are mistaken. One big mistake has occurred, that is planting a large number of sandalwood trees, it's unmanageable, unable to cover the costs of management and the key to finding the funds for the purchase of liquid formation and wage costs inoculation. This is the main basis of my initial research before 100% involved in this artificial agar wood. 

We scan instant, large companies are involved in agar wood industry has greatly been folded, much more that we have not capitalized. Although the planting of the tree is said to be an asset, but, until when does that say this property can return the investment capital if the trees are planted not in inoculation and when the trees will be harvested ?. These things must be planning ahead, the capital stock of farm management during the year, where to get the funds to cover the cost of inoculation, and the cost of processing the harvest months before the sale. 

If the draft working paper on the plantation and inoculation, the number of tens of thousands of ringgit relatively small compared to the returns obtained from the sale of the harvest, which is certainly not a problem to be faced. Once we start the first phase, site clearing fields, buy basic fertilizer, seed supplies and planting wage, it would run from the budget allocated reserved. Once the first phase is completed, we move to the second phase, to replace seedlings die because of weather or natural disasters as well as negligence of workers, this cost is likely to rise, his habits we ignore these small things, consider the seed planted on 100%. 

We turn to the most burdensome costs us, the cost of the vaccine or liquid bacterial formation, to get these supplies, not a simple matter, it's not sold in supermarkets and stores not to sell agricultural inputs. The liquid bacterial inoculation in dealing with service by experts inoculation consisted among activists businessman sandalwood. You need cash when it comes to getting this liquid supply, to get a liter, chances are you will not be entertained. Various brands of liquid bacteria distributed mostly under the sign of Asian countries, however, most of these bacteria circulating liquid containing chemicals. The effectiveness of the income is still in doubt, there is a resin capable of forms, their formation process fails, there is the effect of dead trees after inoculation and after the harvest the results failed to be marketed as containing chemicals. 

The madness of the direction we are getting more and more melting, because we failed to achieve business goals by planning ahead we draft. Here is the unanswered question is why the sandalwood trees planted idle even 10 years old, still untreated and fields were overgrown with jungle. Because we had the run of the budget which should, on the basis of draft age 4 sandalwood trees we planted have to be inoculated. Owners who have a tree of 40 cm 10 pieces, think a hundred times for their basic inoculations, what about entrepreneurs who have thousands of trees. presumably millions of times Scratching your head so that your head is balding.

We do anything there must be a direction, not by lust frenzy because we have the ability, each of us can do as far as 70% to achieve the goal, it has to be considered worthwhile. For the production of agar wood formation, it requires a special fund to cover the costs of the Coordination of inoculation, do not take lightly the cost of this major. We have seen a large quantity of resin production through human intervention, methods of technology in need of inoculation technique and liquid droplets of bacteria to help the formation of agar wood. 

I note down through things I have ever experienced, that does not mean I invite you, receive the services and the adoption of liquid bacteria my invention, there is still the best bacterial liquid from other arm. Because, I do not have tried applying liquid bacteria invention other lovers, I did not dare to comment how the formation of the resulting income. But, before you apply this bacteria liquid, as far as possible, seek evidence of the establishment or trying to take the time to visit the trees that have their inoculations and liquid metal which they have done. 

Because this is a medium-term investment, it will involve a considerable amount of capital and had to wait three to four years to harvest. But, if we have thick pockets full of money, not full of dust, to obtain harvests of quality and patient awaits the results of the harvest for five years, it's the best decision. For me, I decided to wait for five to six years for the process of harvesting is done, my main goal, to earn double the return of the cost of the plantation and inoculation provided. 

When issues involving money, no human being has the patience to wait, they want to sync. Are you looking forward to, and much natural sandalwood tree form ?. If this is your nature, you delayed getting to taste the harvest of your tree and for sure you will not feel the sales of agar wood harvest because it does not produce agar wood without being hurt by artificial. If your tree is left to grow in size, the greater the cost of inoculation you need to remove, to secure the situation, I recommend that you keep trying to find funds for the inoculation process. 

The possibility exists that storytelling has inoculated some sandalwood trees, to cozy up to invent stories on various assumptions, if calculated its cost, it is really cost incurred is not as strong, but she still has a direction and can be considered the best because it has the courage. For entrepreneurs like me, of course there is the direction of its own, according to the plans as early as before actively involved as an entrepreneur. There are among the Look, assuming I am a crazy, I admit, has the nature of madness tough eradicated never encountered the main wild agar wood (Aquilaria malaccensis), I will try to get from the owners to the inoculations. 

As long as there is an abandoned lands, I will try to meet with a variety of plants and in the cracks of the tree I planted. If you are a farmer, you will feel the satisfaction of seeing the trees grow as a result of his own work. To achieve the dream, is not something fairly simple, not as easy as empty talk, too many questions have to find an answer, the description must be solved and methods of agriculture also must be learned, not be carried out without any knowledge of the chest, especially a field related income through the use of engineering technology. 

We cannot afford the rhythm of people who have had the luxury, we are trying our way within our means to afford it, there is little ability, we do a little, it is possible to strive for the gradual we can give people in front of us. This way I do, too successful inoculation wild agar wood (Aquilaria malaccensis) 2,000 sticks of various sizes, which planted 1,000 tree trunk and has a sandalwood plantation of 10,000 trees trunk number of age 1 year to 3 years. Why am I so strong madness ..? because there is madness direction. Thank you. 

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