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A large number of agar wood planters are too dependent on the inoculation activists and the main source of fluid resin supply. From the beginning of this species was introduced into the plantation until now, millions of trees were planted throughout the country, plus this tree was given by the government as an incentive and in addition, the planting of 10 years of agar wood trees will have such results good enough to be a grower with a millionaire.

In early 1999 I began to learn what it was like for the agar wood, exploring the jungle bush forest to hunt forest wood species. Often joining the hawk hunters into the eternal reserve forest, aimed at studying and studying how the formation of the agar wood occurs. Here comes awareness and gain experience, that, not an easy thing to acquire the agar wood is going through a variety of challenges unexpectedly. Overnight in the bushes of the tree, becoming a habit, was also faced with wild beasts and forced to traverse the forest jungle barrier. 

Many years later the extinction of wild wood trees in the wilderness will disappear, it is not impossible. This tree is as destructive as it is to get aloes, destruction occurs through various aspects, the opening of agricultural farms, development, logging, mining, exploration or obtaining approval. When there is a violent voice saying that there is still wild agar wood there, we can still support these words, but, what is the amount of the remaining tree and how much the amount can be earned in the year. The amount of wild agar wood production is decreasing from year to year, wild goat hunters are forced to explore the entire wilderness to get it, sometimes returning empty-handed. It's not an easy job, just like the words of the elderly people who find agar wood will be rich, an expression describes is not an easy thing, it depends on the fate of a person or a living.

It's impossible to say something like a phrase that we often hear that agar wood planting will produce great results. Many of the failed entrepreneurs, only a small number of successful entrepreneurs, were successful in the process of inoculation by the correct factors. 90 percent of the entrepreneurs find failure, not because of inoculation techniques but, the effect of fluid resin-triggered fluid that results in excessive decay or destruction of tree trunks due to excessive acidity, fouling and dehydration of liquid bacteria that are processed as a trigger fluid. 

It is possible that we may mistaken the formation of agar wood due to anti-illness, anti-microbial, pathological infection, non-pathological and anti-reaction of the tree. Here's the beginning for us to think beyond our minds, the factor that our minds never thought to be, that, the formation of the aloes is very complicated to our intellect. However, this factor is important for us to study that natural agar wood formation occurs through organism attack or fungal and anti-illness attacks. The simplest question we can describe is that agar wood is formed through anti-illness or anti-reaction due to fungal attack. 

How well does the ability of an organism attack on this agar wood tree to be injured due to natural disasters, harmed by the forces on the surface and the interior of the tree ?. From the cruelty of this tree attack the anti-reactions of the resin accumulate do the formation, although the disease attack or artificial fungal forming resin is quite different. From the report, scientists say that no known fungal species were found in the formation of agar wood, but there were reports mentioning after the tests were carried out they found some fungal species in the essential oil. So, according to the information from their studies, we can make assumptions about the formation of agar wood due to fungal attack. 

I love to research and often do such factor research, as it is to practice out of the box, the main thing is how the formation of agar wood is through force coaching. The expression of words it describes is a very simple factor, the technique of injection of fungal liquid or in the pain of the agar wood tree is able to produce agar wood. this factor is always presentable every time the seminars and courses are organized by the technician of the agar wood. Although it is an information that can be used as a theory. However, for its improvement, research for the study should be done in detail. 
Agar wood is a diseased wood, the wood that has been attacked by pathologists through organisms, is produced through anti-microbes, anti-illnesses that have been harmed by human intervention, injured by nature and the help of insect attacks. This factor is very important for us as researchers, studying how the formation begins, how the reaction of this tree's defenses, how the oleo resin is able to collect it harden the wood from the fading color to the brown, how long its maturity process and how it can form into pieces and solid.

Oleo resin accumulation is associated with increased infection attacks and "aging" early infections. Oleo resin will spread to form a dark-colored infection site to smell the "Agar". Through microscopic research found that in aromatic oleo resin aromatic wood are mainly in floem. The infected wood intensity becomes more prominent as oleo resin, in the natural population of about 20-30% of infected plants and produces commercial agar wood of artificial inoculation. 

I invite you to think outside the box, we try to combine theories, factors and practicality by thinking in thought. Let's imagine how oleo resin is able to accumulate after parasitic infections occur on this tree, is the tree experiencing allergies, the tree will die and how long allergic will occur ?. From the understanding or which we often hear, the theory says that the agar wood tree will produce agar wood after injury. Does this tree form a agar wood after being harmed without an organism attack? 

I briefly explain here about the production of agar wood through the process of inoculation. Basically, the fungus injected the purpose of harming the tree trunk, this injury is left open to stimulate the tree producing resin from woody tissue. This inoculation method is different, depending on the assumptions and size of the hole in which the wound is trodden. The size of the hole is usually 5 mm diameter drill hole in the agar wood tree. Number counts are performed on tree trunks according to assumptions and compatibility of fluid oleo resin triggers employed by an entrepreneur.

Among the common inoculation techniques practiced by entrepreneurs, including nailing metal, blocking bamboo stick, ICU technique, sweeping, injection and infused. The process of physiological process of agar wood production begins when the clauses that push the microbes into the woody tissue. In order to determine this living tree, the use of microbial cells of the woody tissue as a source of energy and food, absorption occurs gradually, the loss of this fluid cell will reduce the intensity of metabolic processes in woody tissues. The cells that have been eaten by microbes will develop the collection of dead cell tissue and end the formation.

As an anti-inflammatory response, the leaves of the leaves turn yellow and fall, according to the usual factors the tree will retake. Physically the branches of branches and twigs are getting dry and the bark is broken and therefore easy to pull the skin into breaks. This biological phenomina explains how this tree reacts to the formation of agar wood. In a simple sense, agar wood is developed by the tree reaction results due to pathogenic infections, injuries and stress. With the purpose of getting a large quantity and quality of agar wood, it is usually left over for 5 years. The purpose of fungus is an important process to stimulate the production of agar wood and must be done with caution, as long as the failure occurs can cause tree mortality.

This condition is likely to be caused by the use of wild fungus as oleo resin triggers. Violent fungi can cause trees that are cruelly attacked and instigated on tree mortality. One of the problems in inoculation may also be related to inoculation fungal failure to react because each tree species exhibits a relatively different reaction. The failure is also by the incompatibility of pathogenic injections in the tree. The suitability of microbial inoculation with trees is an important factor to be met. Therefore, to determine the success of the inoculation process is to know pathogen microbe as a microbes to suit the species of the tree.

One month to experience allergies, pale change occurs, followed by darker shades to yellow-brown discoloration after 3 months, forming a dark brown color within 8 - 10 months and will change to black within 20 months, giving a scent when burned. Comparisons between treated or injured trees at 10, 15 and 20 months between these injuries are different. The results show that cut-out wounds use chisel, screw holes and removal of bark on the stem provide a dark brown color, yellowish to dark brown discoloration of injuries, while the spikes planted on the stem give a dark discoloration, giving only a slight change of color.

This study is not novel, it started over half a century ago by international institutions undertaking artificial inoculation research. Both physical and chemical pressures such as mechanical and induced injuries have long been practiced in order to increase the yield of agar wood and fungal inoculation. The specificity of fungal infections is a minor crustacean formation of the physiological state of the plant, no immune response and the presence of the triggers. So that the production of agar wood can be a diverse range of prospects in Southeast Asia. Planting new Aquilaria stems and wild Aquilaria trees and appropriate and inoculated selection should be the main objective. This approach is a discipline initiated with the help of forestry experts, mycologists, biochemistry and microbiology to achieve the goal. Thank you. 

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AGAR WOOD MICROBIOLOGY .. Formation, Microorganism and Furasium.

Greetings and happy new year all. For months I did not publish this blog's latest post. Time does not allow even the ideal to always appear in mind. On active activists, it's fun to say and to the fans always fail, we always give moral support, to keep up the good, keep on the effort and never give up easily. Because of the success that will be achieved is a sweetness that cannot be paid with money.

To get the sago, the pulp of the coconut is broken, if all the things we have to work there must be self-confidence, add the nurturing and knowledge required to be obtained without any shame. Let our embarrassment come true, do not be ashamed of our past failures, it is a habit of achieving success in any of our fields. In what we succeeded to back up or make an example for us to step up as a new entrepreneur, let's make one example of how we want to begin the next steps.

The production of agar wood formation through technology, not as easy as it can be said, just inject, it will produce the formation. Everything depends on the liquid resin triggers, not in inoculated techniques and not on weather factors. This is the beginning of my study, focusing specifically on how materials are processed as resin trigger resin is able to spread or absorb as a virus in the agar wood tree. Does not cause excessive decline of stems, unnatural agar wood is like thin sheets and how to produce solid-shaped agar wood.

Every recent discovery of my study, it is one by one new alloy to change the technique of resinizing resin trigger fluid. Many breeders are like death paths and still boast through their created liquid which produces the formation of agar wood pieces. I do not want to talk about the trigger fluid currently being used by these time-seekers, if it is in the past years, its achievements are no change and if it is in my favor, it can not be a pride.

It is possible or under stood, that natural agar wood formation is produced through a disease attack, for me not denying this. But, from my mind, the agar wood tree has been available for natural illness, just waiting for external attacks or different viruses to enter in its trunk. The more cruel the attack takes on the stronger the tree makes its defense fortifications. To identify viral or liquid species capable of carrying out this brutal attack, careful study should be done without stopping without expecting a report from the past study.

In 2018, my closing year on the process, reviewing the materials and techniques of producing fluid triggers and how the absorption of fluid-generated invention fluid flows in the agar wood tree after being injected. One perfection is no longer disputed ability to produce the formation of agar wood, the stems of agar wood do not work too much wrinkles, have produced a solid-shaped agar wood and produce a scent of a comparable natural agar wood. This success comes from self-confidence, patience, courage cost a great deal to cover the overall cost of research in the study of fluid invention.

EM is an acronym for an effective microorganism that is a brand that refers to a family of microbial-based products-using technology developed by Japanese scientist Dr. Teruo Higa. It is a liquid bacterial product consisting of three groups of microbes. Yeast, bacterial photosynthesis and bacterial lactic acid, it co-operates with local and original micro-microorganisms, creating synergies among microorganism and larger forms of life including insects, worms, pets, plants and livestock as well as beneficial for humans. It is also named or known by the name of good bacteria.

From the above description, it does not explain and there is no report saying that this EM liquid has a role in the use of as an inducer of the resin of the agar wood resin. To complement this liquid, the basic ingredients are in the compound, from the fruit juice, the food ingredients and mixed with the yeast. Through the fermentation process for 7 days, it will produce an EM fluid that is excessive and smelly sour, its purpose is to stabilize the soil, as a fertilizer, insecticide, sewage cleaning and also used to remove waste in the garbage disposal site.

The possibility of this understanding, that the agar wood is derived from the attack of organisms and fungi, then the use of EM is made into the main shortcuts as inoculated liquids. I did not dispute EM has succeeded in producing the formation, but, the production of agar wood in the form of thin sheets, resulting from the soluble substances that were fermented were too acidic and rotten. This will lead to the absorption of the agar wood stem because the technique is incompatible and too many drills are drilled by the infuse technique.

With too many drill hole holes and liquid EM liquid and rotten, causing the stem to be overgrown and the tree was found dead due to large quantities of EM liquid in each hole drill hole. The emission of EM liquid dose that causes excessive decay, as it contains the main ingredients of yeast, brown sugar, fruit juice, organic matter and other substances become acidic through the fermentation process. Despite the good name of Bacteria, EM liquids can be said to have no compatibility and cannot produce 10% of agar wood formation with exact choice.

When noted in the early period of the formation of agar wood, the agar wood was produced after the Aquilaria tree was injured, the resin in the agar wood was present in two forms: tylosis and gel and sesquiterpenes in agar wood had anti-microbial and anti-disease activity. Based on previous studies, the agar wood is derived from a plant defensive response, when the tree is injured, the signal of the damage is carried out activating a defensive reaction, after which defense materials such as sesquiterpenes and derivative phenyiethyl chomone produce. Described that the agar wood tree has been available to have the existing disease in the tree, only awaiting the disease attack to activate.

Organism attacks occur naturally occurring agar wood from pathology generated by insect and fungal attacks that occur on this tree. Here we can learn that agar and agar formation is related to mold and mold decay. Among different species of fungus but related to the agar zone, which exhibit the consequences of pathogenesis and its other saprophytic, it is understood that the symptoms in fungal diseases are irregular in the tree tissues carried by the enzyme secreted by the pathogenic role of attacking the tree.

Significant differences between these two factors, organism occur from insect attacks with effective EM * microorganism which is in the process of this fruit extract, although both of them will produce fungal species. However, it generates different species of fungus, there are many different distances in terms of attacking the disease. Original attack caused by insects, it collects bacteria from food waste, urine, insect faeces, leaves, bacteria from nature, rainwater and assisted by nature. 

Whereas, effective microorganism or EM process contains fruit juice, yeast and many other ingredients. One of the major causes of extreme agitation occurs in the agar wood tree, due to an effective microorganism attack * An artificial EM is found, among which is derived from yeast content as the main ingredient used in the process of fermentation of this effective microorganism. The yeast is a basic ingredient of EM processing, it is said that yeast plays a major role in developing this EM liquid and to complete the Dos it is combined with various types of fruit juice, brown sugar, food waste and various other materials for a specific purpose. 

I briefly elaborate as information, the formation of agar wood occurs in the stems and roots of parasites that have been infected. In response, the tree produces high resins in volatile compounds that help in the eradication of the process called tylosis. A lightly colored form of resin, a sudden increase in mass and density of wood, is clearly visible in color change from pale to dark or black war. Resins result from infectious fungal and defensive response of the tree.

Two factors have to be carried out before a special study of EM liquids, the first soluble substances in the EM and how the formation of agar wood is formed by a more intrusive or escent or natural attack of the result, when compared to the formation of agar wood through artificial liquids * EM, thinner and lead to 70% loss of timber.

Fusarium among one of the popular fungus species is used for inoculation, disease attackers among fierce fungi can cause cruel trees to cause death. One of the problems in inoculation may also be related to inoculation fungal failure to react due to attack as each species of plants propagates different reactions. Failure may also cause pathogenic injection in the tree. The suitability of microbial inoculums with holding trees is an important factor that needs to be prioritized. Therefore, an important factor determines the success of the inoculation process, knowing the microbial pathogen in conformity with the principal species.

Experiments and studies, is a must in technology of agar wood, the success of creating fluid-forming fluid formula is not a success. However, its success depends on the suitability of all the agar wood species regardless of weather conditions, formation, inadequate decay, the tree remains alive while forming  agar wood and also the change in inoculation techniques should be altered as this inoculation technique also plays a leading role in producing the formation of quality of the agar wood . Thank you.

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We are born without thread, unable to speak, food is bred, bathed, we are only good at crying, playing, laughing when the stomach is full, clothes are dressed and our hobby is just playing and time is full of sleep. It means we are born empty, empty everything until we are under the care, from all corners of our lives previously under control. When we grow older we are able to get around, here we start to think that we want to explore something that we are interested in, to change something according to our logic mind and desire even if it is something impossible. 

Without knowledge, without going through failure we will not succeed in achieving success, which will require sacrifice, and we will surely breathe the bitter part of our life-giving life. As long as we continue to work on something, our natural nature does not know the meaning of satisfaction, here begins to embrace something. It's not a fix but wants to try to change the situation, from the natural form to the latest flair that does not run away from the natural state. Here is the beginning of everything. How important is the knowledge and experience and the purpose of assessing how the combination of assessment, suitability of factors, theories, practices and techniques and compatibility to cultivate this aquilaria sp tree. 

Sainstifif started to change everything including studies related to the production of agar wood formation, based on anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and pathological studies not new. It can be said that a combination study of anti-fungal and anti-disease defense wall reaction occurs in the injured agar wood tree. However, it is difficult to translate in writing, but, the formation of agar wood is due to diseased wood, parasitic attack or fungal attack. However, no accurate information describes any related fungi that play a major role. Although this study is always on the rise from the time of the end, no reports are publicly disclosed. 

Planting bacteria or injection of fungal species in the tree stems begins with the study in 1938, the primary purpose of expediting and fulfilling the demand of the essential agar wood supplying demand among cosmetic suppliers and key ingredients to maintain long lasting fragrance. Agar wood products are growing in demand, if they expect natural agar wood to form, it is unlikely to meet demand. Here is the beginning of the tree, which is cultivated by fungal injection, to accelerate the formation of resin, time-saving and quantity of production, although it is often disputed about the global market, its quality, its appearance and its maturity. 

Of course there is the difference between the natural formation of artificial agar wood, here we refer to the report from the study, that, the formation of the agar wood is formed by human intervention among the major causes and partly formed by the occurrence of nature. Supported by scientific researchers, saying that the agar wood is formed due to the presence of parasites, insects and other bacterial breeding, there is no difference in the formation of the aloes by these artifacts, the role and the factors are quite similar, hurt, hurt and enter the bacteria in the stem, the purpose of attacking insects and entering rainwater. 

However, the formation of these cultures is disputed among the semi-wholesalers of Western Asia, but it has its own influence in landmark and European Asian countries. The cultivation of agar wood is a must in the agar wood plantation industry in Southeast Asian countries, without this method of extraction of agar wood will not be able to meet demand. The wild aquilaria sp trees are becoming extinct, the forest area in the carnival is developed with palm estates, logging activities, whereas the thieves are constantly exploring the forests destroying these trees, the decades-old trees are undoubtedly producing naturally occurring at the cut-off at heart. 

From this awareness of nature as the supply of natural agar wood production is decreasing from year to year, this aquilaria sp tree is being introduced into plantation in the Southeast Asian countries. From 2000 to the present day, the fields of agar wood are growing, the trees that are aimed at improving the status of an entrepreneur towards the status of a millionaire or a millionaire tree, is this dream sure to be owned and where is the truth about planting this tree will become a millionaire ?. I leave this question for you to think, for me the question is not entirely acceptable in my own mind, though I am among the technologists in the field of technology. 

I do not want to dispute between natural agar wood and agar wood cultivated, but it is an important issue to debate or to be presented in general, among the main differences in its characteristics between the two, the quality comparison, the smell comparison, the comparison of the market value and the process of its formation. If an entrepreneur expects the formation of agar wood to occur naturally on a plantation tree, it is a hopeless dream or dreams that can be said to be an unreasonable effort. It is possible that you fully understand that this tree forms agar wood after it is attacked by the disease, the formation will be through anti-illness response. 

Cultivating is an important technique performed on this aquilaria sp tree, not neutral amongst these species and the formation also depends on the suitability of the fluid compatibility and inoculation techniques performed on this tree. Various techniques are practiced by these operators, the techniques practiced in accordance with their respective logic assumptions and which inevitably identify the compatibility of their invention's liquid compatibility and how the techniques are capable of forming. Not all the techniques performed on the aquilaria sp tree succeed in forming, sometimes the formation occurs around the puncture holes, and the formation of 1 to 2 feet long is decayed in the center of the stem. 

In order to identify the formation of production, a special study must be carried out on various species of aquilaria sp trees and of course dozens of these trees are to be sacrificed as a subject. If we want to expect such research information to be obtained from related bodies, it means that our trees will not be inoculated forever. All information, research findings, and detailed data collected by the relevant bodies are obtained from the entrepreneurship of the agar wood entrepreneurs. The expert of the study of the formation of the formation, finding the formula of the fluid trigger, the result of this maturity and the data of the study, is practically the owner's property. 

For the production of cultivated agar wood, it is not a simple matter and not 100% of successful entrepreneurs through the first, second and subsequent trials. Various techniques have been used in accordance with their assumptions, with the achievement of the results of these techniques arguably the percentage of their formation there is no best, but it is the courage to go to the physics and want to work even if his decision fails. The main factor of success and failure is not due to inoculation techniques, because the trees occur through anti-microbial and pathology from the absorption of injected liquid bacteria through the drill hole resulting in the tree being attacked by the disease. 

Every time I get a new note and before this agar wood blog, I often relate the role of this trigger fluid and how the role of a compatible inoculation technique. Inoculation technology is not new to the cultural agar wood, it has been introduced to fundamentally be developed for the earth, environment, human and animal sector repairs and this study is also carried out on plants including Aquilaria's sp purpose to produce the formation of agar wood. This approach is quite similar, the goal is quite different, the basic inoculation method is the use of bacterial reproduction, in the natural sector wants worm breeding for soil fertility, restoring chemical waste, tree fertility and human health for smallpox injections. 

Inoculation of agar wood tree or called also agar wood cultivated, plays the role of fluid triggers its main purpose as striker in the stem after being injected. While the resin in the Aquilaria sp tree is a reinforcing fort or blocking the fluid absorber, the resin is also capable of removing the chemicals and removing the sticky odor contained in the bacterial fluid triggers. Once the infection occurs, as the precise answer, the tree begins to produce high resins in volatile organic compounds that help in the eradication or inflammation of the infection, this process is called tyiosis. 

We can imagine the actual amount of global wild agar wood production and annual international trade is 90% of artificial agar wood or cultivated agar wood. This cultured agar wood difference results in the outcome of varying quality of agar wood, from traditional ways such as cutting, burning, drilling and truma, it is arguable that injection fluid injection is defined as human inoculation. The quality of agar wood under the inoculation technology, solid and stable form of agar wood, no color does not turn faded, no outflow stream, the trigger does not contain harmful and non-toxic substances. 

Cultivating agar wood from fifty years ago has been adopted proactively by adopting the injection of liquid fluid, it is quite effective to change the dark color, attractive appearance and smooth appearance. Not all of these experiments produce quality performance, agar wood does not have the smell of smell, the smell of choking when burned and the most obvious weakness of the color becomes faded when stored for a long time. However, these inoculations are similar in practice by companies, there is a difference in the content of the substance and the elements of the applied fluid. 

From the discovery of this technology, the production of agar wood is of high quality, compact without any geographical limitation, the whole of the stems, including branches and twigs, result in the formation of high quality of agar wood. Timing also plays an important role in classifying high grade agar wood and has its own class comparable to wild agar wood. Compact incense, sweet smelling, no faded color, permanent odor flow, old stench odor, strong smoke penetration into the air and high quality and not the difference in quality between wild wood agar wood cultivated. Thank you. 

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GAHARU Microbiology .. Operating without Period.

Publish the second most recent note, as long as it is not an ideal argument, not a new thing to do daily or no activity. The busyness follows a solid monthly schedule so it's not time to publish a new note. This time I've posted a little bit of this shallow experience as special information for new entrepreneurs who want to venture into the field of agar wood production through technology. It seems to me that it is just a habitual experience passed by all the old folks, how they begin to step in and experience the feeling of disappointment, heartbreak, loss of confidence and how they wake up after falling. 

Too many important things have to be studied before engaging in technology aloes, the most important thing is a stumbling block, namely capital or cash. If we only saving hundreds of ringgit, forget only dream to venture into this field, because it involves a cash flow there is no end of the initial site clearing the farm up to the last process that requires preparation size able cash the inoculation process. Inoculation is also a wide range of call known bacterial or plant or drilling or injection treatment, most notably drilling and drill holes in the cast earlier in the fierce liquid resin or a liquid vaccine formulation agar wood or sandalwood. 

Both of the latter process involves two costs need to be issued for cash, buying the first liquid vaccine formulation sandalwood or aloes and wage labor costs inoculation drilling holes in agar wood. Otherwise, expect the formation of the nature of injuries, the injury is not able to produce the formation of the whole tree. If you think it does not need to do on your tree planting or tree wild agar wood, agar wood formation will happen on its own, it is a wrong assumption, agar wood tree will not form as long as it is not in attacking the disease. 

Why do I like describe about four things, namely the technique of inoculation, and fungus formation fluids ?. These three things is the key role that would help materialize our dreams, without these four things combined, the cost of the investment that we have invested in agar wood plantations, it's not going to return the money we invested. But, these four things are what will make us stress, make us think, think hundreds of times, mind torn between work or not if inoculation is done with sandalwood trees. If we mistakenly chose the formation fluids there is no compatibility in agar wood, we will be in vain. 

Compatibility inoculation technique is also an important role for the formation of the whole tree and sandalwood solid form. The technique is often used keys such as the use of bamboo or bamboo stick, suspension or plant engineering, engineering broom skinned in a wide variety of liquids and other techniques that have been used by practitioners of inoculation. The techniques must be made according to the compatibility of any brand of liquid formation that distributed by activists of aloes dry, but, all of these techniques are still practicing punching techniques using drill and chisel .

As a farm operator, resulting in the formation of agar wood own fluid, also market products made from sandalwood and frequently studies the formation of agar wood caused any direction or own dreams. The difficulty, of failure and experience in going through is a gift, is a new science for us refurbish our earlier decision failed to achieve our dreams. There is nothing impossible we will achieve our dreams if we are trying within their means and in accordance with the straight line of the right factor. The main thing that we have to examine how the formation of these methods sandalwood happen, because it is the main cassava to our dreams come true, if we, as the technique of conversation without any review, we have not accomplished what you dream of. 

You cannot claim to have been successful even if you have a thousand sandalwood trees on your farm, as long as you have not inoculation, harvest and sell it, if it was your property, do not change your dream to fly like a bird. But, there is a tendency among employers is arrogant, ego is not located, the plantation of thousands of trees they have considered themselves to have been successful, in fact they are shouldering the burden of the deliberately hidden, cannot afford even one tree inoculation their field. 

Everything that we try to be there towards the goal, rather than simply trying without expecting any results. However, to achieve the dream in this field, require a time, patience and considerable capital, especially the cost of inoculation, including inoculation and liquid preparations wage fierce agar wood resin or liquid formation. Among one of the most important factor for success in this field, the production of agar wood formation through inoculation that we run on our agar wood trees. It is not considered an entrepreneur has managed to have hundreds of acres of farm sandalwood, agar wood if the field is not in the inoculation and did not result in the formation of agar wood. 

As a basis we have to do the study initiation and specialized research in any field we are going to try later. Nature of interest also plays a major role for us to venture into a field. Should we be afraid of failure, our dream is getting dark, there is not a man without trying to achieve success. When do we usually study will go through the failure of many times, probably without realizing the mistakes and failures of our knowledge is the most valuable, it can be used to continue our efforts, an experience that cannot afford to buy with money. 

This does not mean I invite you or your lobbying by the nature of my madness in the field of technology aloes, but, it is a fundamental, if one wanted to venture into this field. It is an area that provides challenges, trials and outflow of cash that was horrifying. Nature of patience is also very important, because, to get back the money from these investments, not one day, although it can be argued how the medium-term investment. If we expect to be every penny we invest in the plantation and of trees that have been inoculated after completing a period of maturity, it is a big mistake though basically the result has to be harvested, any entrepreneur not to cut down trees that have matured as blind deaf wholesalers while the final say, hasten harvesting or aloes that have been formed on leave to mature. 

From May to June we actively make the cleaning process of the new fields to accommodate a total of 2,500 seedlings of various species of aloes. This is not a new thing for us, from the jungle had to be removed, to cover the costs of the Coordination of the tree species in timber sizes of sawn timber and promote our primary goal so that new entrepreneurs get revenue from sales of timber sizes. As I write down every penny of money spent should be calculated, proceeds from the sale of timber this size at least able to be used for basic costs, such as clean-up costs, the cost of oil, the cost of labor and the cost of setting up the plantation base, including the construction of the fence as well as the associated costs. 

Se amount is relatively large cost base to be issued does not include the cost of supply of seedlings, planting wages, sapling and transportation costs. I like the least accurate information for new employers will be able to evaluate the information and can serve as an example for those want to be called as one of sandalwood and farmer entrepreneurs can afford or not to pursue this dream. Cleaning the farm must be cleaned in a dry season for planting the seeds of aloes when humid or rainy season began to hit, rainfall from June to December months later the seeds of aloes have been creeping roots. 

The industry is not going to work without any vaccination or inoculation technology adopted, this means that every entrepreneur must sacrifice time and money continues. The cost of cleaning the fields, the Coordination of farms each year, including the cost of fertilizer that can be harvested sandalwood trees and the ultimate cost of wages inoculation and liquid supply agar wood formation. For the harvest as a result, had to wait with patience after treatment has matured age 2 years to 5 years, it should infuse fluid buildup in the trunk of the tree is effective or affordable forms perfectly. 

Of information and past experience, the effectiveness of the formation fluids often in dispute, As well as ineffective inoculation technique or mistaken inoculation technique that is practiced. To achieve the dream of owning their own business technology sandalwood arguably not a simple matter, than the record production of agar wood formation of this artificial way, only 10% reported a successful run at the sandalwood trees sandalwood formed. Big mistake, the formation fluids that are marketed and there is no compatibility inoculation technique and the most disappointing fraud by distributors market the product itself was said or invented the story say they sell the formation fluid can produce agar wood. 

Similarly, the examples they showed, there is a natural sandalwood display, say it results from inoculation, in case examples of the sandalwood technology brought in from other countries, for the purpose of this example is to strengthen the evidence resulting from the formation of the liquid they are marketed. Make a note of his own experience, not to fabricated stories, dozens of my dozen sandalwood trees destroyed for purchasing and applying liquid in said successful results in the formation, even though I run multiple inoculation technique. Even though, it's an experience that is valuable to myself, because my dream to find a formula and create self-forming liquid was successful. 

Every time I open a new field where any site, the main thing that I have come across, do not miss this rumor in the hear of the local community. There's a rake, hoe head, there is a waste of said act, no longer as successful and various assumptions on sound assumptions. But, after I explained in detail and compare the technique of inoculation and formation of liquid between the liquid prior to my invention. I bring up the example of the formation of liquid drops sandalwood bacteria of this invention, this assumption vanished from their minds and have an owner offers a wasteland, purpose developed as agar wood plantations. 

I have no doubt or hesitate to do inoculation of sandalwood trees without thinking of the cost, number of trees, size of trees, among the wild trees and tree plantation without another's help and in spite of this acquired fluid formation. I am increasingly bold, vibrant, to open up new fields every year without any doubt and do not expect financial assistance where any party. I do not like anyone lobbying to emulate what I did, of planting sandalwood plantation purposes and to the extent that inoculation run their agar wood, agar wood and sandalwood trees wild planted. If you are interested, ask pat pocket money you have, you are able or not to build their entrepreneurial dreams sandalwood technology, it is your right, but I was only able to provide support, information and advice in the event of need. Thank you. 

Ahad, 10 September 2017

GAHARU MICROBIOLOGY .. Pathology, Stress, Alleygic, Microbe and Fungus.

Good luck all. I am alone every time I do a study, it feels safer and calm to do something without any restrictions, free and can be streamlined. My nature, I do not like to tell the affairs of others, more comments about their inoculation results. Although it is basically a career that is done in sync, there is no envy. This is based on the key principles that I build in myself to build a career in technology for human agar wood entrepreneurs, every human being has its own right more when it comes to an entrepreneur. There is no partner, no business share and we ourselves are planning, managing and arranging appointments, even when there is no message in the reply.

While there is no opportunity to organize workshops and seminars on technology of agar wood, I share information and share experiences on this blog as a charity to those who visit. Most of my plantation workers are comprised of villagers and inoculation workers or titles that I call this technological staff have shyness, so there is no qualification and does not have the profession as a speaker. I received many e-mails from individuals, from IPTs and companies applying, in order to give them the opportunity to experience the knowledge of agro-natural by force, some would like to have inoculation techniques available and willing to attend, if I organize workshops and seminars. I am the owner of GOLD-FOREST R & D GAHARU wish to extend my gratitude to you for your support, your support for wanting to be with us in the technology of the technology of agar wood and I beg for forgiveness because there is no opportunity to spend all this time. 

My blog posts this time either right or wrong, notes from preliminary studies, from my own minds and references to shallow schemes. As a matter of fact, I did a manual study without having a hard laboratory to assure the role of any related fungus that resulted in the formation of the resulting agar wood. Only given the nature of madness and courage to look at something even considered the impossible, complicated to be written in writing, the result of success is so difficult to get in a short time and require the sacrifice of time and money of the ringgit. 

From day to day to year-on-year, time is so fast running, no tiredness keeps on studying the pathology, how the trees become stressed, the allecygic state and why fungal species relate to the formation of agar wood. Although how the results of the study have been obtained, they are still not well-defined, meaning every decision in the study to be revised. I often refer to the notes of study of the botanic , pathology and study of fungal species obtained from the scientists of the agar wood, saying that the agar wood is formed from the resin defense response due to the pathology. 

The belief in the number of societies how the agar wood is formed and the belief is quite strong when combined with myths and history. Over the past decades, this solution has been resolved through scientific work, scientists have received help from locals. The approach in this study alliance is generally done deliberately harming the trees through different treatments to encourage the formation of agar wood. The success of the agar wood plant depends on the stimulation of the tree. 

Draining Aquilaria spp trees is usually used to make holes in mature trees and branches that are then injected with bacterial liquids. Generally, agar wood is harvested when the tree is between five and ten years old. The formation of the resin of the agar wood occurs as a result of a reaction of a mysterious factor. In the past, it was thought to be formed from insect attacks. Through the latest experiments, it is confirmed that the formation takes place through natural injury and human intervention through the injection of infusion and bacterial liquids into the tree. The method of inserting this fluid to avoid natural healing, the best result, when the whole tree is infected with high quality, thick resin and high quality oil. 

This is believed to be the period of time that Aquilaria's tree produces agar wood. Three hypotheses exist about the formation of agar wood which are derived from pathology, injuries / pathologies and / or non pathological processes, and or through human intervention. The initial period of the formation of agar wood occurs, the resin in the agar wood exists in two forms: - Tylose and gel. While sesquiterpenes in agar wood have anti-microbial and anti-illness, the conclusion is that agar wood is the result of this plant's defensive response, in fact, when the aquilaria spp tree is injured, in damage or defective area begins activating defensive response, defense materials such as sesquiterpenes and produce derivative phenylethyl chromone, while the pathogens have been found to produce the natural formation of lasiodiplodia the obromae. 

Every woody practitioner through this force can not avoid adopting scientific methods as the injected fluid is a liquid bacteria processed from its solid substance. It is also possible that some mix with chemical substances, the purpose of destroying this solid, is subject to the logic and the estimation of one's logic of its liquid forming. Experiments and studies have shown that microorganisms are born from anti-microbes. However, this liquid bacteria has the same reaction between microorganisms. Based on the same factor of use, the role of microorganisms is set up to produce healthy soil, plant fertility and various benefits other than environmental improvements and while this formation fluid is specially created as a reproduction of fungal species in the agar wood tree. 

Aquilaria spp is a tree capable of decomposing the poisons in the stem and is not easy to cause the aquilaria tree to die, but even if the toxin is to remove the side effect remains. If the aquilaria tree is too stressful and the alleygic exceeds, the leaves fall, will not remove the shoots and one by one the branches will dry out over time the trees will decay and fall, without producing the formation of agar wood . Usually these conditions occur as a result of chemicals used as liquid formation. Please refer to the tree that was inoculated early 1980 - 2003, a large number of agar wood trees died due to mistake of formation liquids. 

The purpose of the experiment is to make this tree a stress, a variety of techniques, among the techniques that are often found based on a practitioner's logic estimation, cropping techniques, leather tanning, lubricating oils, holding rods and metal inserting. Although how the techniques are done, the goal is the same, forcing aquilaria trees into stress and alleygic through coercive techniques resulting in formation. The possibility of previous practitioners, not studying the role of fungal infections is a major role that can produce the formation of agar wood. 

The decay through the inoculation technique around the drill hole is inevitable because drill holes are always exposed to air, rainwater and insect attacks, but it is also one of the important factors in helping the formation of agar wood that occurs in the formation of natural agar wood. A uniform can be applied to encourage the production of agar wood formation, by closing the drill holes made on the stem, aiming to prevent widespread wounds and wrinkles. 

The leaves of the tree will turn yellow will be marked as being stress full, the tree remains alive and will remove the shoots. This phenomenon describes how the trees are reacting to produce agar wood, which means they are alleygic due to microbial pathogen infection, due to injury or pressure. Typically, injected fungal bacteria will harm the base tissue, injection holes in the open as an additional stimulus to produce resins from wood tissue.

In conclusion, this Aquilaria tree will not produce any unnecessary agar wood , it is because the role of fungus species attacks the tissue tissue and the response from the body's own anti-resin, the resin performs the defense span or prevents spreading fungal attacks. The longer the tree is left, the thicker the resin forms, than brownish to brownish blackish. From this study and according to logic beliefs, sainstifik scientists began studying and conducting studies on the subject of these fungicides and trying to get a comparison of which fungus species are perfectly perfect to produce high quality formations. 

From the initial study of the fungus species found in the report may increase the production of resins to react to this trees, it is able to significantly reduce the damage caused by this species of the fungus naturally. The fungus species studied include: Aspergillas spp, batryodyplodia spp, dipiodia spp, fusarium bulbiferum, lateral fusarium, fusarium oxysporum, fusarium solani, penicillium spp and pythium spp. However, ecological interactions between tree species, inoculation techniques and in any fungus in use as a trigger are still difficult to determine for any effective fungus. 

To illustrate accurately it is quite difficult, but from studies carried out by other factors such as, tree age, tree-based difference in season, genetic and natural changes, is an important role in the formation of agar wood. this understanding also acknowledges, that not all aquilaria trees produce agar wood. It is estimated that only about 10% of Aquilaria spp wild produce resins and recent studies have shown that the formation of agar wood can occur on three-year-old planted trees. Thank you all.